IACDL envisions a society where all individuals receive fair, rational, and humane treatment within the criminal justice system.

IACDL’s mission is to serve as a leader, alongside diverse coalitions, in identifying and reforming flaws and inequities in the criminal justice system, and redressing systemic racism, and ensuring that its members and others in the criminal defense bar are fully equipped to serve all accused persons at the highest level.

IACDL is committed to enhancing the capacity of the criminal defense bar to safeguard fundamental constitutional rights.

IACDL harnesses the unique perspectives of its membership to advocate for policy and practice improvements in the criminal justice system in the state of Illinois


  • To promote study and research in the field of criminal defense law and the related arts
  • To disseminate by lecture, seminars and publications the advancement of the knowledge of the law as it relates to the field of criminal defense practice
  • To promote the proper administration of criminal justice
  • To foster, maintain and encourage the integrity, independence and expertise of the defense lawyers in criminal cases
  • To foster periodic meetings of the criminal defense bar to provide a forum for the material exchange of information regarding the administration of criminal justice and thereby protecting individual rights and improving the practice and procedure of criminal law.


Past Presidents